Candid Camera



Sounds Good Service and Entertainment launch a new innovative promotional service that use new tecnologies just to offer to our customers a new channel to improve your visibility;

Our Candid Camera Spot is a real event inside your shop or club: all the people will live funny moments, unexpected situations and they will be propelled to come back and watch the video of their reactions:

that's why they will be directed to your website, your facebook page or inside your shop/club just showing the video.

They will be the main source of your advertisement, just telling the lived experience inside your shop/club, showing the video to all their friends and sharing it on their socialnetwork pages where the visibility will be 500% improved (we count that everyone has at least 500 friends on their facebook page and they will find the video on their board).

The video won't be only a candid camera product but it will be a real commercial on all your services: we will show your services, your best products, your brand and your contacts. Our commercial is completly customizable and you can choose what you want to promote.

Candid Camera Spot is great to promote a new commercial activity, if you need to sponsor new promotions and events or it's just a new way to be known with originality and you will give to everybody something completly unexpected, a new experience that only in your shop/club they can live.

Just take a look to our new promotional service, the price is completly available.

For more information, or doubt, don't wait to contact us!

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