What's iRevolution?

Is surprise, is innovation, special effects

iRevolution uses new multimedia-video production techniques transforming every activity into an event, every show into a television show, and every performace unique and amazing;

most of all build up automatically the proof of the activity's success, a visual declaration treated with a television point of view that automatically become a memory to have and advertisement for the holiday club directly in the guest's hands;

By sharing all these video memories we get the key of the business with a real proof of the lived experience and decupling the power.

iRevolution deal with video production like:


-Istitutional Spot for Club and Services

-Candid Camera

-Shows and Events Trailer

-Guest Movie

-Sports and Fashion Walks Reportage

-Music Clip Editing

-Show Video Editing

-Special Events

Here is the Youtube Link:

Lavora con noi



iRevolution Holiday Clubs

Interactivity: The show will never be the same:

Moving decors, interaction between artists and screens, a show treated with thousands detail and with special FX.

iRevolution produce a real television programme schedule of the Club, aimed to amplify the guests experience that they are living:

The iRevolution events are the "special effects" of the Holiday Club itself, they are alternative activities, creative and innovative, and they bring the guest inside the video product with many roles and ways.

The Events let us create a Video Preshow that evening by evening will be showed between the kids dance and the real show. It is so usefull for the animation staff for many aspect:

-Give the guest a new motivation to come to see the show, coz they can see themselves as protagonists inside the screens

-Let all the guest raise their attenction and enthusiasm right before the show

-Give the Animation Staff the time to prepare themselves professionally for the show, concentrating more on the show make ups

-Give the possibility to promote all the activities and shows so every guest would be informed with a complete animation programme

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