Our Communication service provide the creation of video clips, graphic art works with photographic material, in order to promote your club on the web and on the social networks.

A product rich of video and pictures give the possibility to create a real dynamism of the contents in your website and social network page, forcing all the guest to follow your club even after their holiday: this will loyalize the guests that already have been in your club and promote the club in order to get always new guests.

We create:

-Promotional Spot of club and services

-Staff Presentation and activities

-Video Programme of the week activities

-Commercial art project

-Depliant and brochure

-Photo album for websites and social network splitted in shows and activities

The communication in a holiday club is essential: a good animation programme is improved by a great communication inside the club, in every strategic zone and in the best moment.

Usually the animation programme is sposorized by commercial art, announcement, in every microphonic moment and, obiviously, the direct contact between animator and guest is the best way to provide informations about activities.

But even better of all of this, the best way to promote all the activities is to show them: through the multimedia communication we give to the guest the possibility to see the best activity that they will make, receiving an aimed communication that will be used in several ways and moments of the guest's day, to rise the desire of the experience that he will decide to live.


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